We are specialized to handle the various insurance classes listed but not limited to this list:

Fire and Special Perils: for buildings and content

Indemnify loss or damage to the subject matter resulting from:

  • fire
  • lightning
  • explosion
  • flood, storm, riot and strike, etc.
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance

Covers loss or damage to electronic equipment resulting from:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Any other unforeseen physical damage

Three Basic Sections

Section I:

Physical loss or damage to the hardware e.g. Computers, etc.

Section II:

  • External data media inclusive of stored information in the premises
  • Loss of any software materials

Section III:

  • Increased cost of working
  • When the damage indemnifiable under section I gives rise to partial or total interruption of operation of the EDP

Motor Insurance

  • Compulsory by Law in Nigeria
  • Comprehensive cover protections against losses resulting from own accidental damage, fire or theft and third party property and bodily injury/death
  • Third party cover - protecting damage limited to 1 million naira, bodily injury or death - unlimited

Group Life Assurance

  • Now compulsory by law in Nigeria - Pension Reform Act 2004
  • Cover death in service with a minimum of three (3) times total emolument
  • Death from any cause on 24 hours basis

Group Personal Accident Insurance

This covers:

  • Death or injury by accidental means
  • 24 hours coverage
  • Annual contract
  • Permanent/Partial Disability
  • Medical expenses.

Public Liability/General Third Party Liability Insurance

  • This form of insurance is meant to compensate a person for any legal liability which she may incur due to injury or damage to property of   members of the Public.
  • Examples of this will include where a person slips and fall on the stair or even injury due to a faulty electrical installation.

Burglary Insurance

  • The policy covers loss or damage to an insured property as a result of theft accompanied by actual forcible and violent entry into and or exit from the premises where the items are kept.
  • Cover extends to include damage to the building in attempt   to gain entry into the premises.
  • A limited amount could also be included for employee personal effects.
  • Administrative Blocks of the company located Nationwide will need to be protected against the risk of burglary